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Video (2020)

4.32 min

Untitled is an audiovisual work created by Maja Hagen Torjussen and contemporary artist Lisa Hennig-Olsen. The visual performance grapples with women’s societal struggles, yearning and despair, as well as the frustration of loss and injustice. The work is investigative with a political undertone. The song lyrics are nostalgic and sadistic in its somewhat repetitive language.

The project was initiated by Maja Hagen Torjussen. In 2019 she started creating music under the band name Elpis, and she was curious to explore the possibilities of how her musical repertoire would evolve and take new form in a visual context. She invited Lisa Hennig-Olsen to create the visual frame for the song Six Lessons.

Elpis releases their debut album in spring 2021. Six Lessons, the audio in the video Untitled is a part of Elpis’ song repertoire. The song was recorded with limited equipment in a small cabin in the midst of Indonesia’s jungles amongst geckos and a rat. The song is an attempt to create a conventional radio tune with a verse, bridge and refrain.

Untitled is supported by Cultiva Ekspress

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