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Performance (2019)

Scored live work, approx duration 15. min

In Unravel, Lisa weaves herself through trees unravelling out of 20 meters of fabric. She gags as she clenches her teeth decisively around a bunch of dead flowers, seeking the revival of their former glory, blind to their peril. However, as she unravels, the tension of the fabric around her body starts to shape it by becoming more and more and more constrictive, until it disrupts her capability of breath. The figure of a woman should never be a trend.

In response to the 2019 New York Climate Strike, Unravel directs attention to climate waste through its usage of repurposed plastic bodega bags, bearing the classic "Thank You". In her performance, Lisa turns the bags inside and by doing so flips the thank you.

Performed at Musicircus, New School Centennial (New York)

"everything 21st-century perfomance art should be:

beautiful, questioning, challenging, thought-provoking ... the NYC creative community, are all the richer for having performers such as Lisa." - Blair McMillen on Unravel

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