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All the things I couldn't say

Performance art and paintings (2021)

Various dimensions

Repurposed wooden panels, permanent marker, eucalyptus, ash, wood stain, oil paint


As a woman, Lisa has found herself in situations having to hold her tongue in fear of not being taken seriously, ridiculed, shamed, labelled, threatened or assaulted for speaking up. She is passionate about women finding their voice, and having the audacity to be heard. She carries wounds from times when she couldn’t voice what she needed to say, and she believes others do too. Having faith that actions can speak louder than words, Lisa has commenced the project Mouthdrawings. Saying something doesn’t have to be verbal, yet the mouth is a powerful instrument of expression as it connects inner and outer through digestion and communication. Lisa has therefore specifically chosen to write and draw with her mouth and by doing so with permanent markers she cannot be erased. Drawing with twigs of eucalyptus, which is known for its healing properties such as relieving pain and aiding respiratory health, is a cathartic action. Letting go of pain is needed for life to happen. Eucalyptus is highly flammable. It is powerful to hold the power to ignite. Lisa hopes these live works and paintings will emit a sense of communion and signify the power and ignition of our (women's) words.

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