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mausoleum of ethereal percolation

Installation (2020)

Series of sculptures and live art residue

a sanctuary
of conducted corrosion a reserve
for eluded atrophy
a harbour
of expelled obstruction a mausoleum
for ethereal percolation

The installation consistss of multiple sculptures formed by live-action. On a wire, spanning across the room and sectioning if off, hangs partly digested materials that have acquired colour and texture through the process. Porcelaine sculptures from the Avalanche series are pinned to the walls, and mesh clogged by expanding foam form a malleable, temporal installation. The abject and grotesque, yet fragile and precious sculptures act as a transition and conduction of internal blockages and clogging; restoring flow between the heart and mind, and detoxifying the body.

The Avalanche porcelain sculpture series is an on-going project, sculpting naked through kneading porcelain over a bare floor, leaving imprints of hair and skin in the sculptures.

Porcelain, copper wire, copper mesh, expanding foam, naturally dyed thread

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