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23 April - 7 May 2023 | Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery

Body of Evidence

Matter as fallen light
Group exhibition

Body of Evidence
00:00 / 10:09
Welcome to the Antropocene
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Time & Location

9am - 10pm | 66 Fifth Avenue at 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

5pm - 8pm | Opening Event 22 April 2023

About the exhibition

"Sight lines within and alongside the galleries, as well as through their windows on 13th Street and Fifth Avenue, yield a mutating object theater. Forms give way to overlapping subject matter, from personal and cultural memory;
to translation, linguistic or technological; to idle time, economic abstractions, and ecological fragility.
Circumstantial though their assembly may be, these works and their makers play to the contradictions between them as much as they conjure momentary coalitions."

Matter As Fallen Light
 — on view from April 23 through May 7 at the Sheila Johnson Design Center in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood — the 27 practices of this year’s graduating cohort defy a single rubric, yet together manifest more than the sum of their parts. A surplus of sculpture and installation extends beyond two storefront galleries into adjacent corridors, windows, entrances, and the building’s exterior and street.

Aliya Al-Adwani, Ash Moniz, Ashleigh Abbott, Bel Andrade, Chelsea Steinberg-Gay, Evelina Nolin, Fahmy Shahin, Fiel Guhit, Gino Romero, Hali Nelson, Henrik Nordahl, Katie Chin, Libby Paloma, Lisa Hennig-Olsen, Luke McCusker, Michelle Silva, Molly Bliss Kiefer, Nat Peterson, Noah Zhou, Pauline Rossignol, Richard Valentín, Shay Salehi, Shining Zhu, Summer McCroskey, Yifei Wang, Xianfan Zhu and Boya Ye

Curated by Kaegan Sparks

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