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Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence (2021/2022)
Performance for moving image

Ongoing project
Support from Arts Council Norway

As we are flesh, so we are transient and ephemeral. Or are we?
The lines of our synchronous existence in the physical and digital realms are becoming gradually
indistinguishable, our transition from human to Cyborg has begun. By shedding our corporeal bodies, we start to shed pre-existing conceptions of identity.

Are you experiencing the uncanny feeling of being aware of the implications and consequences of your actions, and their, literally, world-altering reverberations? Welcome to the Anthropocene! What the Anthropocene sees is the culpability and our fragility as humans. The world is an uncanny place when billionaires are racing to space with their speculations of Armageddon in sight. Can we avoid hysteria? Can we listen to nature’s language, and better our home through the synergy of humanity
and nature?


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